About Us
ACC’s core belief is that we can be most successful by committing to long-term relationships with our customers, employees & vendors.

While it may seem obvious and cliché’ to suggest that we focus on long-term relationships with customers; our history, our actions and our long-term success are evidence of this philosophy. Only by meeting commitments and exceeding expectations, have we been able to create this track record of achievement.

Not so obviously, we also strive for long-term relationships with employees and vendors. This is an important element of our philosophy – firstly because this is key to our customer relationships. ACC’s principal of promotion from within whenever possible has created a largely home-grown management team with aligned goals and an experienced project execution team. Our long-term associations with many automation and information vendors allow us to bring an elevated level of experience and expertise to our customers’ projects.  Read our 
Mission Statement

From our offices in Neptune, New Jersey and Rockville, Maryland, we provide solutions to many industries in the manufacturing, infrastructure and utility sectors.   In developing these solutions, ACC deploys proven automation and information technology. Click below to see a partial listing of the industries we serve and the technology we utilize: