Controls & Servo Upgrade for Filling and Packaging Machines

This popular candy manufacturing company needed to upgrade the control systems on two production lines to current technology. The equipment is comprised of filling and packaging machines on two production lines. The project was expected to benefit the customer by enabling greater product variation and flexibility in machine operation, with no changes to the machine I/O, control logic, and general equipment performance.
The Requirements

The two lines are virtually identical.
The equipment to be controlled includes:
The Solution

ACC implemented a system based on Rockwell Kinetix motion control and CompactLogix PLCs. Unlike the original control system, the new system had separate PLCs for each machine. The communication between servo drives is over Sercos high-speed fiber optic ring.

Key system components include:

  • Kinetix 6000 digital single-axis servo drives
  • CompactLogix PLCs– handles motion and machine control logic
  • Sercos Communication– a single fiber optic ring serves as the interface between the PLC and drives
  • Powerflex 40 VFDs– for control of conveyors and other motors. The PLC communicates with the VFDs over Ethernet/IP
  • OIT Displays– PanelView Plus OIT local operator interfaces

New panels for each line were fabricated. Separate panels were provided for each PLC (cartoner, filler), resulting in a total of four new panels. Each panel contains all the control hardware associated with a PLC indulging the PLC hardware, servos, VFDs, power distribution and associated control devices.
In addition to providing and programming the control systems, ACC was also responsible for the electrical installation and wiring. ACC defined the requirements for this work and supervised the electrical