ACC was founded in January of 1983 by Robert J. Tomasetta.  Bob left the confines of the General Electric PLC business to open ACC’s first office in Union, New Jersey focused on programming those “mysterious” programmable controller devices.  From these auspicious beginnings, we have grown to become a much-admired company having successfully executed projects in many industries and applications on five continents.
By 1985, the business was clearly successful and viable, so Bob decided to move ACC to Neptune at the beautiful New Jersey shore.  While we have changed buildings four times since then, we have remained in the same office park (3535 Route 66) with the same phone number:  922-6611 (other than the area code changing from 201 to 908 to 732).
Following our beginnings as a “PLC programming business”, we began the journey into diversification of technologies, manufacturers and applications. We were early adopters of utilizing the Personal Computer on the plant floor and heavy users of some of the original HMI/SCADA software products, specifically Intellution’s FIX (running on MS-DOS!).  In 1987 we developed the OP/Station ® product line – designed to protect computers in harsh environments – a business that still thrives today.
In recent times we have developed a significant practice in energy monitoring and facility automation – serving college campuses, hospitals and industrial manufacturers. In 2011, we officially opened our Rockville, Maryland office. In 2013, we celebrated our 30th anniversary! We look forward to continuing to expand our services and reach, while staying true to our founding customer-focused principles of stability and long-term relationships and continuing to maintain a high level of ethics, integrity and excellence.
In the late 1980’s, we became active participants and evangelists for the ISA-S88 standard on batch automation.  Batch continues to be a significant portion of ACC’s business.

Throughout the early 1990’s, ACC experienced significant growth, most of it coming from our expertise in the process industries – particularly Pharmaceutical manufacturing.  In 1996 we began our foray into the utility market developing our substation automation practice.  We expanded our activities in the area of Manufacturing Information Technology and became a founding member of the ISA95 committee on Enterprise-to-Control System integration.  In 2002 we moved into our current 15,000 sq ft. headquarters facility. 

Throughout the decade of the 2000’s we expanded our reach into a wide array of infrastructure (water, transportation, utility) and process industries.  We also introduced two targeted products,
processRecords® for workflow management and data collection and bioStation, a flexible bioreactor control solution.

ACC Maryland Office