Beverage Pilot Plant
A manufacturer of a variety of beverages required a replacement for the system that manages the data associated with trial runs at their main development/pilot plant facility.  Business drivers, technology drivers, and support drivers all necessitated the need to replace this application.

Following is a summary of the functionality that was to be replicated.  It should be noted that the current functionality does not comprise the "minimum baseline" requirements.  In addition to these minimum requirements, the new system will have the ability to accommodate changes/expansion to the data, displays, and reports without custom software.

  • Connectivity to various model Rockwell PLCs (SLC, Logix)
  • Collection of time-series data
  • User authentication
  • Ability to configure the data / equipment for a given report:  time range, operating equipment (dictates the tags), user name, etc.
  • Generate a variety of pre-configured reports using the parameters entered
  • Ability to export data to Excel for users to conduct their own analysis and manipulation
  • Ability to import legacy data from existing InSQL data repository

The solution provided by ACC consisted of the following: