Energy Monitoring & Facility Automation

  • Collect, Monitor and Analyze Energy and Utility data from local or distributed data sources

  • Present the data in a useful and web-centric manner

  • Provide Control and Visualization of equipment to optimize operational efficiency
Affiliations and Awards

ACC developed the Building Utility and Data Aquisition system that is enabling a major Ivy League University to compete in CCN2013
Recent Project Highlights
  • Monitoring, reporting and display of power, steam   and chilled water usage throughout the campus
  • Payback via utility incentives, state initiatives and efficiency improvements

  • Utility consumption data collected for electricity, water, fuel oil, LNG and steam
  • Made available to consumers via web technology

  • Centralized system for multiple power plants
  • Graphics and reports available via web browser
  • Energy usage monitoring
  • Remote Alarm Notification