Medical Device Manufacturing
Leveraging Legacy Assets for Production & Compliance Reporting
A manufacturer of single-use medical supplies required real-time availability to production data for use by shop floor, management, and customer service resources. In addition, on-the-fly changes to setpoints needed to be collected and tracked. Finally, the customer, a contract manufacturer, envisioned this system as a sales tool to provide customers with accurate updates on order status and projected completion dates.

A variety of reports and displays were developed including the following types of data:

  • Alarms
  • Events (machine start/stop)
  • Administrative Data (user name, batch ID)
  • Process Data (temperature, pressure)
  • Machine Setup Data
  • Run History by Machine
  • Production Counts
Production equipment was controlled by stand-alone PLCs provided by the equipment manufacturers.  

The challenge was to provide a new Shop Floor Reporting System, without modifying the legacy PLCs and local displays. 

The solution consisted of:

  • Ethernet communication to existing PLCs
  • Central FT-Historian system receiving data from legacy PLCs
  • VantagePoint for production and compliance reporting and displays
  • In The Works:  FT-Transaction Manager is currently being added to the solution to improve the customer's ability to sort and filter production runs