Cell Culture Lab Bioreactor Control and Data Collection 
ACC was contracted to upgrade the controls and implement a central data collection and analysis application for a cell culture lab with 80 benchtop bioreactors with proprietary controllers.  

The project had three major goals:

• More flexible control of the bioreactors
• Ergonomic improvement to the physical lab
• Electronic data capture and analysis of experiments
In order to accomplish the first two objectives ACC designed a flexible packaged bioreactor control system based upon a Rockwell Software and Hardware platform.  Each station is designed to control two bioreactors and includes a Logix family PLC and thin client running ViewSE software.

The station includes mass flow controllers for monitoring process gases (sparge, N2, O2, CO2 & air), probes for DO, pH and temperature, process pumps and servo control of the agitator.

Connections are easily accessible from the angled front sides and the top serves as a drip pan where bottles and/or scales can be placed.
The system includes software to allow the scientists to set-up experiments and includes open tools for process analysis, trending and reporting including comparison of current to historical batches, trends showing multiple y-axes, pre-configured and user-defined reports. 

There is also a unique event-based recipe management feature which can enable devices, configure setpoints, program alarm and data collection parameters based on a flexible combination of events and elapsed time.