Campus Electrical Monitoring - A Phased Approach

A city university needed to regain control over power costs.  An existing power monitoring system was non-operational and had been neglected for several years, thus preventing the university from understanding the consumption trends and distribution of the campus.
The Challenge

The existing power monitoring system had been neglected and  thus the status of much of the existing equipment and infrastructure was unknown.  In spite of the importance of the energy monitoring initiative, the situation with the existing system created some skeptisim with university management.  The ability to allocate signicant funds for the project was initially limited.
The Solution

ACC developed a phased and highly modular approach to the problem in order to prove out a new solution and allow the university to control their capital costs. 

Phase 1 involved a survey and analysis of the existing equipment.  As part of this analysis, a Rockwell CompactLogix PLC and FactoryTalk Metrics server were installed in the control room.  ACC evaluated each campus building, and if possible, re-enabled communications to the existing power monitoring equipment.  Thus, for minimal investment, the university was able to begin to visualize energy information from their existing buildings and justify continuing on with the project.

Phase 2 involves installing Rockwell PowerMonitor 5000 units into locations where either the existing power monitors are not functional or where the university desires to improve the quality of the information collected.  At this point real-time graphics can also be made available via a FactoryTalk ViewSE application.

The project will ultimately expand to additional remote buildings throughout the campus, as well as, to monitor power within two substaions located on the campus.