Industrial Facility - Utility Usage 

A major industrial manufacturer desired to monitor utility consumption in a newly commissioned manufacturing facility in order to gain a true picture of operating costs and efficiency bottlenecks.
The Challenge

Data need to be collected from a variety of sources; some with undefined or unknown interfaces, including:

• 34KV Switchgear
• 5, 4160V Generators
• Branch Circuits

Other Utility Consumption
• Fuel Oil
• Steam
• Water

In addition, corporate requirements dictated an extremelly tight schedule to implement the system.
The Solution

ACC deployed a team of engineers to survey the facility, determine the data sources, identify the I/O and define the communication mechanisms.  This yielded an architecture that included a ControLogix PLC and a FactoryTalk Historian to capture energy data from the disparate sources.  A web server was included to allow reports to be viewed by any user, with appropriate security, via a browser.  Data is made available in real-time dashboards and historical records.