Campus Wide Facility Automation

An Ivy League university identified the need to gain access to real-time, accurate information regarding campus-wide utility consumption and facility-related equipment status.                  
Information needs were driven by regulatory demands, as well as green initiatives. For example, campus-wide competitions were planned, with dormitories vying to demonstrate the greatest reduction in energy usage.
The Challenge
The university faced demands for real-time, accurate utility data as well as an operational need for additional chilled water capacity. The initial, critical need was to incorporate two new chillers and six new cooling towers into the plant chilled water distribution system. An automation system to support the new chillers and cooling towers was required; however this system was to be designed with regulatory, operational efficiency, and “green” initiatives in mind.
The Solution

ACC designed, implemented, and installed an overall facility SCADA system that provides real-time HMI graphics– available on traditional, as well as web clients, alarm annunciation, security management, and historical data collection. The SCADA system receives data from a central Rockwell ControlLogix PLC that serves as a “data concentrator” for a large number of data sources.

  • NYSERDA Reports– the university uses reports generated by the SCADA system to demonstrate the use of high-efficiency chillers, entitling the university to significant rebates

  • Access to campus-wide facility equipment data– limiting the need to physically inspect and manually log data from multiple campus locations

  • Data drives efficiency– the ability to analyze and trend facility data is leading university staff to identify opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs

  • Visualize – PC, iPAD, Phone tools improve reaction times