Biotechnology Manufacturing Facility
MedImmune – Frederick, MD
ACC provided the Process Control and Information System (PCS) for a new 400,000 square foot biotechnology manufacturing facility.  The PCS provides control, monitoring, data collection and reporting for all of the upstream and downstream processes as well as the clean utilities.  This includes control of both stick-built and OEM (skid) supplied systems.
ACC’s scope of supply for this 14,000 I/O system included of all of the PLC hardware, control panels, servers/racks, network switches and operator workstations. 

Some system architecture highlights:

  • Foundation Fieldbus and DeviceNet I/O networks 
  • Over 75 ControlLogix PLCs organized into separate Ethernet Networks for upstream, downstream and utilities
  • Multiple redundant HMI and Batch Servers with over 70 clients Domain Controller, SQL Server for Audit Trails, FactoryTalk Historian, FactoryTalk Asset Centre for Configuration Management

Engineering included functional and detailed design, software development, factory and site testing, commissioning and validation support. 

An off-line training system was developed which allowed operators to become familiar with the technology and to gain experience with various process and cleaning scenarios. 

Also, a complete process simulation system was provided.  The simulation system allows MedImmune to fully test changes and new recipes in an off-line environment – which dramatically minimizes system downtime when the changes are installed into production.
This manufacturing facility subsequently became the recipient of the 2011 ISPE (International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering) Facility of the Year award.