Manufacturing IT


  • Shop Floor Information Systems providing real-time and accurate production, quality, and OEE information, often using legacy data sources
  • Web-based Systems that draw data from disparate data sources and drive reports, dashboards, and web displays

Energy & Utilities

  • Flexible tools for displaying and reporting on Consumption, Billing, and Quality Data
  • Provide the information to drive decisions on load shedding and equipment optimization
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Broadband and wireless communications to remote sites - wells, tanks, substations etc.
  • Leverage legacy controllers, RTUs etc.

Afilliations & Awards

ISA S95 Committee

  • ACC is a founding and voting member of the ISA Enterprise-to-Control Integration Committee

  • ACC's MES Director is currently co-chair of this committee

ACC was the Software Strategies "Enterprise Integration" award winner for a Shop Floor Execution System at a leading Fragrance & Flavor Manufacturer

Recent Project Highlights
  • Manufacturer of single-use medical supplies
  • 3 Legacy stand-alone machines controlled by various vintage RA PLCs
  • Central VantagePoint & FT-Historian
  • Various displays and reports including run status, alarms, and production counts
  • Legacy Historians and relational database systems
  • VantagePoint deployment with ability to access all data sources
  • Web-based reports for production, costing and regulatory purposes
  • Access to data via iPhone / iPad app

  • Replacement of obsolete historian / reporting system with FT-Historian and VantagePoint
  • Data collection from legacy PLCs
  • Ability to configure pilot plant runs - start and end time, run number, other configuration parameters
  • Flexible tool for reports and displays

  • On-line SPC system to support corporate initiative to reduce defects
  • Data collection from legacy and new shop floor devices (checkweighers, vision systems etc)
  • Compliance Reporting on Critical-to-Quality parameters